Coming soon: New credit scores and credit limits: stronger predictability and more data.

In August Creditsafe will replace its credit score and limit models. On this page you will find everything you need to know about this change.

Do you want to know where your opportunities and risks lie? Our new credit models give an even better prediction whether companies stay healthy or get into financial problems.

Very high reliability and predictive power due to new statistical regression models and the use of even more data.

All companies get a new and even better assessment of their financial health. It appears there is not much change from the outside, but appearances are deceiving. Because we use new statistical regression models and the scores are based on more data elements.

Creditsafe is continuously working on improving its credit ratings. We use the latest knowledge in the field of statistical scoring methods. We also optimize and maximize the deployment of our ever-expanding database. This enables us to gain more and more relevant data from our processes. This allows us to assess better and more and more companies. Also in cases where less information is available.

Increased business opportunities: better predictions and higher acceptance rates and level of credit. Do more business in a safe way.

Little difference from the outside. But much more quality from the inside.

New models and more data.

Greater predictive value

Statistical regression and computing power gives high predictive value expressed in a very high overall Gini score.

More variables in the score

Utilizing much more data through data technology and user-generated content from 100.000 customers worldwide.

Higher limits and scores

The improved statistical models with more variables and a sharp default definition leads to better scores for the entire Dutch business population.

Understanding your businesses risk exposure allows your organisation to make better informed decisions. This is why we offer an easy to understand business scoring mechanism.

Creditsafe continuously checks and validates the scorecards so that they remain of high quality.

Various instruments are used for this, including the frequently used Gini coefficient. The Gini score of the Creditsafe score model indicates that the capacity of the model to distinguish between good and bad companies is high. In addition, Creditsafe validates the scorecards using an ´out of time´ validation technique. The results show that all attributes are within tolerance and acceptable level of accuracy.

Do you want more information?

Until the launch you will find more information about the date and the transition of the scoring model on this page. Do you have questions right now? Send an email to or call us on phonenumber 070-38 44 600.