Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Application for Salesforce

Empower your business with accurate customer data

Maintain accurate customer records and gain insight on more than 365 million companies in over 160 countries directly within Salesforce

Our database of over 365 million business reports in over 160 countries worldwide provides company information to power your teams with accurate and rich customer data. From SMEs to multinationals, the breadth of our company data delivers the information you need to make informed strategic decisions.

When accessing company information you will be able to view a full company credit report instantly within Salesforce. This will give you access to information on directors, company credit scores and limits, full financials, complete event history and company group structure. 

With Creditsafe's Business Intelligene App, you will be able to instantly create an account from the company credit report, meaning there is no need for members of your team to undergo the long, time consuming process of creating an account and gathering all the relevent information.

Why integrate with Salesforce

Creditsafe’s Business Intelligence Application connects our live data directly with Salesforce, meaning you can enrich and maintain accurate customer records. By removing the need for manual time consuming data inputting, Business Intelligence  saves you time and minimises inputting errors. With the depth of data available, you have the ability to delve deeper into a company. This provides you with a more granular level of insight, allowing improved decision making across numerous departments.

Minimise human error

Enriched customer records

Access to real time accurate data

Diminish customer data decay

Instant Record Creation

Create brand new records or update existing records with trusted and accurate information

Append critical information including:

Credit rating

Credit limit

International rating

Company name

Company telephone number

Company website

Ultimate holding company

Number of employees

SIC code

Incorporation date

Speed up internal processes

Business Intelligence enables you to instantly create and update an account from the company credit report, meaning there is no need for members of your team to undergo the long, time-consuming process of creating an account and gathering all the relevant information.

Multiple fields can be mapped across to new or existing customer records, providing rich data for your teams to utilise when making strategic decisions. From company addresses and contact details, to financial data and credit scores, Creditsafe data can be used to support numerous functions including data segmentation and campaign targeting. 

We'll notify you of critical company changes

Creditsafe will let you know when your records need to be refreshed with bespoke notifications both home and abroad

With a huge number of business updates occurring every day it can be a struggle to stay abreast of changes occuring within the companies you deal with. By monitoring your customer base you will receive daily alerts within Salesforce, meaning there’s no need to use multiple systems.

When monitoring, you’ll have the option to create bespoke portfolios that allow you to segment and manage all of your customers and suppliers in one place. Within these portfolios you can customise your notifications, meaning you only receive the alerts that matter to you.

Verify the ongoing creditworthiness of customers

The circumstances of your customers can change so you may need to change your terms accordingly

Salesforce Credit Information

Keeping company stability front of mind


Data analysis is at the very core of what we do at Creditsafe. Our industry leading scoring system is designed to reflect the financial stability of a company and can achieve a prediction rate of up to 70% of company insolvencies 12 months in advance.

Our Business Intelligence App enables you to append our credit scores and recommended credit limits to all of your customer and supplier records, so they remain front of mind during any decision making.

Access full Creditsafe business data

Append crucial data whilst maintaining access to full business reports

We underststand the need to see the entire story behind a company, and for this reason the Business Intelligence App will allow you to view full company credit reports directly within Salesforce. There is no need to switch to a different system or access Creditsafe via our website, all of the information required is available in the click of a button.

Creditsafe company credit reports include detailed information on:

Summary Information

Directors & Shareholders


Event History

Group Structure


Within each category there is a wealth of varied information presented; giving you a full, in-depth insight into companies across the globe.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the installation process?

The installation is straightforward and can be performed by your Salesforce Administrator. We will provide you with the required files and installation guide to be installed through a step-by-step install wizard.

The installation and subsequent connection with our live database is typically completed within 2 business days.

What editions of Salesforce is Business Intelligence compatible with?

Creditsafe’s Business Intelligence Application is compatible with the following Salesforce editions Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Performance.

What do you offer in the free trial?

The trial of Business Intelligence includes access to 250 reports from the UK and selected international countries including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweeden and the United States.

What data can I access?

Business Intelligence provides access to over 240 million business reports in more than 100 countries worldwide. The application allows you to configure all of the following predefined data sets and stipulate to which of their Salesforce fields this data is mapped to when creating Salesforce Accounts via the application:

- Company Name

- Company Registration Number

- Number of Employees

- Full Address

- Postal Code

- Telephone

- Website Address

- Principal Activity

- County/State

- Country


- SIC Description

- Ultimate Holding Company

- Company Status

- Incorporation Date

- Previous Name