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The Creditsafe Group

  1. Creditsafe in numbers

    Creditsafe, expert and leader in the business information industry, is the most widely used provider of company credit information, company data and credit reports worldwide. How do we know this?

Every 10 seconds 110 credit reports are consulted online. 105,000 organisations with more than 500,000 users make an average of 450.000 business decisions on a daily basis using our company data. One of our many strengths is the availability of our data, with one of the largest in-house databases in the industry, where our long-term business relations can access over 365 million company reports in 160 countries. 

Creditsafe was founded in Norway, is 100% privately owned and has 23 offices in 13 countries, spread over 3 continents and we continue to represent the fastest growing player in our market. From the Brussels office, over 30 employees passionately support entrepreneurs, business owners, credit & risk managers, financial, sales & marketing professionals to optimise their risk and credit management, workflows, business decisions and commercial opportunities 

With the necessary passion and the desire to continue to deliver superior financial and commercial risk company data, we strive to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our customers.  We want to provide every customer, large or small, with trusted insights using our powerful data and intuitive platforms. This is how we help companies change the way they do business.

The Creditsafe Group
  1. The Creditsafe Family - Growing Together

    "Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude. Therefore we hire for attitude and train for skills."

The group employs more than 1.200 people worldwide and is regularly chosen as one of the better workplaces where, in addition to the customer, the employee is also at the centre of our further development. Our success lies in the hands of our employees. We have some of the best professionals in the business, who perfect their craft and help our company move forward to achieve its goals.

We strive to create a work environment where our employees want to come to work on a Monday morning, where they are valued and respected. Thanks to our shared passion for our company and what we do, all our employees, from admin roles to directors, are dedicated to excellent customer service and providing the best user experience for our customers around the globe.

How we support organisations in changing the way they do business

Credit & Finance Management

Risk & Compliance Management

Sales & Marketing

Master Data Management

Empower your credit & finance teams with the power of Creditsafe company credit data.

So they can make faster, well-informed and smart credit decisions. The most used solution is Creditsafe's online credit reports, which allow companies to carry out a credit check on their professional business relations in order to verify the financial performances and understand the potential credit risks. With the credit rating, we manage to predict 81% of bankruptcies 12 months before the company becomes insolvent.

Analysing a company's financial risk information and its indicators are the core of what we do at Creditsafe. Our credit scorecards are one of the most predictive scorecards in the industry, approved by the leading credit insurers.

Optimise your credit management by knowing whether your business relations can meet their credit obligations. As we want to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information available on a daily basis.

Know and understand who you are doing business with.

We enable you to confidently screen new and existing business relationships to protect your business from the threat of financial crime, fraud, terrorist financing, money laundering and reputational damage, without negatively impacting your customer experience. Gain a deeper understanding of the companies you work with, so you are able to build reliable relationships with (new) customers and business partners. 

Protect provides direct access to the LexisNexis WorldCompliance database to streamline your Know Your Customer (KYC) checks or Customer Due Diligence screenings and regulatory audits. Access global adverse media, PEP profiles, sanctions lists and enforcement databases through a single search with Creditsafe Protect.

Creditsafe is fully approved to perform these checks in accordance with the latest regulations and we offer a digital platform for all your due diligence and compliance needs. 

Close deals faster and more often with targeted prospecting opportunities and sales & marketing data intelligence. 

From the prospecting phase to growing your existing customer portfolio. Fill your sales funnel & pipeline with your ideal target audience. Identify companies that are financial credible and therefore are most likely to purchase your services, as well as being able to pay with certainty.

Successfully approach each sales lead with the help of valuable account-level data intelligence insights. Our comprehensive company profiles give you important insight into the organisations you want to work with. Creditsafe's company information database is one of the largest in the world, which means you can enrich profiles with additional fields of valuable account-level company data.

By showing the background and demographic or firmographic profile of each sales lead, you can easily connect with your target audience. With the addition of this intelligent company data, your conversations are enriched and you have personalised marketing company data at your disposal to boost your ROI.

True business intelligence at the core of your organisation to empower your business

Integrate company data & compliance data directly into your CRM & ERP systems and workflows. Accelerate your digital transformation with one API for all your business processes from prospecting to a streamlined customer onboarding; from active business monitoring to intelligent data-automated business (credit) decision making.

The Connect API integrates risk, financial and company data into the applications and software you use, so you can build powerful new functionalities and introduce automated workflows and business decisions. Our Connect technology enables companies worldwide to realise new insights, improve the customer experience and achieve stronger and sustainable growth.

Whether you are a developer, data engineer or architect, the Connect API is easy to use and straightforward to get started right away.  Get direct access to global company data, business intelligence, director information, corporate financial data, compliance (AML & CDD) data, PEP and sanctions listing data, all through one streamlined API.

Credit & Finance Management
Risk & Compliance Management
Sales & Marketing
Master Data Management

Our Values

  1. Fair

    Everyone has a fair chance to express their opinion. We strongly believe in treating our customers fairly and we always strive to provide excellent customer service as well as a fair market pricing model.

  2. Different

    Here at Creditsafe we dare to be different. We remain the rebel on the market, creating unique solutions to better match our customers' needs and requirements.

  3. Proactive

    Standing still is going backwards. Being innovative is something we like to do, so that we can act before the customer's need arises. We are proactive in delivering the most superior and accurate information to our customers in a fast-paced & digital environment.

  4. Fast

    We are proud that our company is the fastest growing in our market. Of course, we have to make sure that our growth spurt does not compromise the quality of our service. We are constantly looking at how we can incorporate the ideas of all our customers and how we can translate this into an efficient service.